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Engage in discussions with like-minded people who are eager to learn from others and value free speech, no censorship, and privacy.

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Freedom of Speech

Having the liberty to speak freely has never been so easy.

Secure Communications

All private rooms are end to end encrypted for complete security.


All our services are fully self-hosted. Meaning resilient to any censorship

We are

A social media alternative

We want you to have an open mind, share thoughts, engage in healthy debate, and discuss otherwise taboo topics on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter. We encourage you to speak freely. Have a voice. And do it with courtesy and respect.

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“Having similarly minded folks to talk to helps us realize we aren’t in this alone and we aren’t on an island.”

– GMN member

There are people out there who share your values, ideas, beliefs, and opinions. Come find those people today by becoming a GMN member. It is your first step to building your network with likeminded folks and creating lasting friendships.

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